Beverly Ensom - Editor


When you write, you know what you want to say—you know the big picture. So go ahead and write, and let me handle the editorial details.

I know when to use semicolons and colons, em- and en-dashes, single and double quotation marks… I'll make your bullets consistent. I handle formatting issues. I check facts. I sort out levels of heading. I'm accustomed to detecting various spellings of a word. I can suggest wording, style, and format to suit your purpose. I'll help an “okay” document become superb.

I am dependable, flexible, and easy to talk to. Send me a note and we can discuss your editing needs.

I follow the Professional Editorial Standards adopted by the Editors' Association of Canada.



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“Obviously, where art has it over life is in the matter of editing. Life can be seen to suffer from a drastic lack of editing. It stops too quick, or else it goes on too long. Worse, its pacing is erratic. Some chapters are little more than a few sentences in length, while others stretch into volumes. Life, for all its raw talent, has little sense of structure. It creates amazing textures, but it can't be counted on for snappy beginnings or good endings either. Indeed, in many cases no ending is provided at all. The kind of work that Maxwell Perkins did for Thomas Wolfe, or more recently, that Verna Fields did for Stephen Spielberg, doesn't get done in life. Even in a literary age like the nineteenth century it never occurred to anyone to posit God as Editor, useful as the metaphor might have been.” Larry McMurtry, US novelist, essayist (hide full quote)